Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Protocol Has Clearly Changed - Better Keep Russell Brand Away From Her Majesty

1992 : Australian Premier Paul Keating touches the Queen, and is branded "The Lizard Of Oz" by the British media.

2000: Australian Prime Minister John Howard is accused of touching the Queen during a royal visit. Howard's office issues a statement denying "any contact whatsoever".

2009: Michelle Obama hugs the Queen during the G20 visit. The Queen appears to hug her back.

Perhaps it's a question of changing times and the softened role of the monarchy, but I know one thing: if you're going to touch QE2, make sure you're not a male Australian politician.


chris hale said...

Answer to caption competition:
Sensational mis-match of partners at the annual Buckingham Palace three-legged race.

John Soanes said...

I love the angle of the head of the chap on the left. I like to think he's thinking "But... but DeBrett's said we weren't allowed to touch!"