Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yes, I Know - Updates Are Like A Cluster Of Fallen Catwalk Models At The Moment (That Is, Rather Thin On The Ground)

Please excuse the paucity of updates this week, I'm writing so much for work at the mo that I have little energy left in my fingers at other times for typing things here.

BUT! All is not lost, as - in a frankly staggering turn of events - the artist formerly known only as Mr Factory has cast aside his cloak of mystery, and started a new blog, under his own name. A name which, I am slightly alarmed to realise, I have known for almost half my life… scary.

The blog's not scary, though, so in the absence of me, I urge you to go and spend some eyeball time there.

Although, in the broadest possible sense of the word 'normal', that kind of service will be resumed here very soon indeed (probably tomorrow, in fact).


Stuart Peel said...

Awfully good of you old chap. And yes, it has been half of your young, and frankly rather moist life. Live a bit longer and it could be two thirds. Imagine that.

Stevyn Colgan said...

Who'd have thought it, eh? The mysterious surreal superhero known as 'The Factory' wasn't ace spy Jed Lomax - a man who has speared more Russians that Ronnie Wood - after all, but the irascible Stu Peel instead.

I soooo wanted his surname to be Pidarse.

Stuart Peel said...

You assume of course, that Stu Peel is my real name. What if it is yet another alias, another layer of mystery which only serves to deepen the intrigue ?

John Soanes said...

Ah, but is it another layer? Is it? Is it?
(No, it's not.)