Friday, January 04, 2008

A Night At The Bingo

Alan Carr and Bingo from the Banana Splits - separated at birth?

Not that I'm having a go at Alan - in fact, I was pleased to see that his current stand-up DVD is selling very well - I saw the event live (tip of the hat to m'laydee for suggesting we go in spite of uncertainty on my part), and was very impressed indeed; ignore his appearances on the execrable 'Friday Night Project', where he's utterly wasted, and check out the DVD, where you can see what I consider a truly 'classic' stand-up set - lots of well-honed jokes and stories, which are all tight and to the point.

Genunely worth your time and money. Even if Alan does look like Bingo.

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Stevyn Colgan said...

That is just freaky ... I KNEW I'd seen Alan Carr before when I was a kid! La la la, la-la la la, la la la, la-la la la ...