Friday, August 08, 2008

And I Have Promises To Keep (Part 2 of 2)

In this post, I mentioned the 10 Word Crime Story Competition that was being held as part of the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival, and priomised that, if I didn't win, I'd share my entries with you lovely people.

Well, I didn't win (though oddly I can't seem to find the page with the winning entries, which is strange - I've seen it before), and so here are the 10 word crime stories which I submitted (you were allowed to enter as many times as you wanted):

- Corpse! Gun! Locked Room! How? Oh, hang on - a suicide.

- The corpse floated to the surface, ruining the swimming gala.

- Gone With The Wind Murder Mystery? Rhett Butler did it.

- Invite old lady detectives to dinner, and someone will die.

...I only realised after submitting the above that you were allowed/supposed to give each story a title, so I can only assume that was the reason I didn't win, as opposed to any kind of deficiency with the entries themselves. Ahem.

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