Friday, May 08, 2009

I'm Not The Only One Who Sees The Paradox Of Its Name, Am I ?

Final Draft, the software much used by writers (and especially screenwriters) has now come out in version 8.

Ignoring the fact that the design of the box makes it look like a washing machine, I've found it slightly odd that I haven't seen many reviews of it - in fact, when I was looking for information on the new features, Amazon's page for it seemed to have more actual data than FD's own sales pages, which seemed strange.

I'm vaguely thinking about investing in a copy (I gather v8 is Vista-compatible), but was wondering if any of you lovely people had heard anything (good or bad) about it- or even have first-hand experience of using it - which you could share.

As I say, I'm mulling over the possibility of thinking about considering buying a copy, but if it's riddled with bugs - oh, I'm sorry, I mean undocumented features - then I'd appreciate being told before I spend any money. Thanks!

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Chip Smith said...

Drop me a line and I'll tell you all about FD7! (sorry, couldn't find your email address on your profile page).