Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In The Event Of Them Just Adding Another Blade Like They Usually Do, All Entries Will Be Null And Void

Fusion! Power! Stealth!

Manly words! Grr! Words dripping with testosterone and sweat, words which could render women pregnant by reading them individually, but when they're put together in a row like that… well, we're clearly talking about a product used by hairy-chested sex gods.

But! Having already plonked two manly words after 'Fusion', have Gillette backed themselves into a corner? Are there any remaining words which are so butch they have a Y chromosome? That, my bloggy pals, is the question in today's competition*, and you - yes, YOU - could win yourself a fantastic prize**!

So, what word or words should Gillette slap on their razors the next time they re-brand? Here are a few of my ideas, but I want to hear from you!

- War
- Goal
- Bomb
- Rottweiler
- Tackle
- Pint
- Geezer
- Transit
- Cock

Post your entry as a Comment, and you could win a very special prize indeed!***

Enter now! This minute! Please enter now! Oh god, I can't stop using exclamation marks! Help me! Someone! Please!


*It’s not a competition. There is no prize.
**No you couldn't. He's lying to you.
***He's lying again. Frankly, he's as trustworthy as an ITV phone-in quiz.


The Factory said...


The Factory said...

What's stealthy about it anyway ? Does it have a cloaking device ?

Stevyn Colgan said...

xgvdohkyIt's just as bad for the ladies. Apparently, if you prevent your legs and armpits from feeling like a tramp's chin, you become a Goddess and 'release the power within'.

I shaved my legs yesterday ... woke up this morning and found that I'd become Persephone, Goddess of the Spring. No idea how I'm going to explain this to the missus.

Maybe I'll just make the garden look good.