Saturday, January 10, 2009

Advert Spotted In A District Line Tube Carriage

One of the recently-announced atheist / humanist adverts - and which, I see, has already been criticised.

Mind you, given that the complaints come from Christian Voice, I think we can probably assume it's not necessarily a view shared by most reasonable religious folks.

You know the ones - they tend to have their beliefs and try to live by them, rather than verbally or literally attacking others for having differing ideas in their heads. Much like the founders of their religions asked them to, in fact.


Piers said...

Ah nice to see my money being put to good use.

On the tube, that is. Not complaining to the ASA.

John Soanes said...

Not sure if you can read the detail of the ad, but it a quotes Einstein, saying how he doesn't believe in God. Rather eloquently, too.