Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Thought Madonna Had Sworn Off Acting After The Bad Reaction To 'Swept Away'?

This was the poster they put out here in the UK - oddly enough, the theatrical poster used in other countries doesn't make Julianne Moore look like herself either.

What's all that abaht, then?


Kay Sexton said...

Tis weird indeed. A part of my hindbrain is jumping up and down saying 'perhaps they hired a blind artist?' but I'm stamping on it, I promise you.

Re McCrum - you clever man you, I knew I had a niggle (same hindbrain, very unreliable) about his thesis and it was indeed the Plum book that I was trying to rememver

John Soanes said...

Oh, you must resist that temptation...

You're welcome about the McCrum/Plum thing, I was very taken by the book, so it's very strange to hear him seemingly forget all about it!