Monday, January 05, 2009

To Semi-Paraphrase Goldfinger: Two Writers Saying It Could Be Chalked Up To Coincidence, But Three? One Should Perhaps Pay Attention.

In chronological order, three quotes from writers of note which I've recently come across:

"The artist should never try to be popular. Rather the public should be more artistic."
- Oscar Wilde

"Don't give people what they want, give them what they need. What they want is for Sam and Diane to get together. Don't give it to them."
- Joss Whedon

"Creating something is not a democracy. The people have no say. The artist does. It doesn't matter what the people witter on about; they and their response come after. They're not there for the creation."
- Russell T Davies

Is the underlying theme there, I wonder, the mandate from my betters I need to become even more of a puffed-up self-confident fool? Let's hope not, or I'll become even more unbearable.

Still, something to think about there, perhaps...


Stuart Peel said...

I don't think that they are advocating arrogance, merely the confidence to write the story you want to, rather than what you think will please others. But I suspect you knew that, little tinker !

BTW I had to type in 'fuskings' to leave this comment. What a splendid word, it should be added to the dictionary forthwith.

John Soanes said...

My verification word is 'Bustau', who I think are far better than the obvious copycats McFly.

Anyway, yep, I think you're absolutely right - no sense in second-guessing what people might want to see or read. That's unlikely to lead to writing with passion or conviction, and that won't exactly keep the interest levels up.