Friday, January 09, 2009

Of Life Riley?

Does anyone know if the episode of new BBC sitcom Life of Riley which was on last night was, in fact, the first episode?

There were various jokes from the kids in the first five minutes or so about the dad's previous girlfriends, but it didn't seem to establish beforehand that Caroline Quentin's character was their new Mum or whatever. And they appeared to be moving into a new home, but I didn't know why... granted, I got a bit confused and wondered if I'd missed something vital, and didn't stick around much beyond the 8min stage, but was this information there and I missed it, or not?

I'm genuinely not having a go at the writer - she's a known name in comedy, with a pedigree going back to Spitting Image - so I'm more inclined to think that, for some reason, the BBC might have decided to play ep2 instead of a scene-setting opening episode. Maybe it was just me not paying attention, but if anyone can put me stright, I'm sincerely open to correction on this.


Stevyn Colgan said...

I do believe it was the first episode. Can't say I was impressed, sadly.

John Soanes said...

Nor was I, though that was mainly due to the feeling that I was coming in partway through things.

Oddly enough, the listing for the second episode says 'In the aftermath of the family move, Maddy and Jim struggle with their new situation', which sounds more like episode 2 to me...