Thursday, January 29, 2009

It Ships 'Second Quarter 2009' Though, So It'd Be Too Late For Valentine's Day

Available to pre-order now is this little beauty - well, actually it's wildly inaccurate to call it 'little', as it's 7'8" tall, and comes with poseable arms.

So, you can set it up in the bathroom at night with outstretched arms to freak out your nearest and dearest. And the cost to do so? A mere $4999.95 (about £3500).

Y'know, I can't decide if it's one of the most preposterous or amusing items to purchase I've ever seen in my life. Maybe it's both?


Lianne said...

Where do you find these things?????

John Soanes said...

I have to admit, my Favourites folder contains all too many links to corners of the internet which are best left unvisited...