Thursday, January 15, 2009

BAFTA Film Nominations 2009

The nominations were announced just before 8am, and for those of us who couldn't make it down to Piccadilly for that time in the morning, the list is here.

A good showing for Slumdog Millionaire and Kate Winslet, and because he always sounds so darned affable on Adam and Joe's 6music show, I'm pleased for Garth Jennings to be nominated for the Carl Foreman award.

To my mind, a generally interesting list, even if it does suffer the perennial problem of containing films which aren't yet out in the UK (Frost/Nixon, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button), thus rendering it a bit difficult to have an entirely certain opinion.. Not that lack of knowledge is usually an obstacle to me having an opinion.

And nor should it be for you; anyone have any strong feelings about any of the nominations? Do share.


Stuart Peel said...

Yes. It's a disgrace that Michael Sheen didn't get a nom for Frost/Nixon. He's probably our best screen actor and is constantly ignored in these matters. He was superb in Fantabulosa, The Deal, The Queen and this. He next plays Brain Clough which should also be great.

meastwood said...

He was brilliant as Frost in the stage version of Frost/Nixon.

Yes, I really did make that preening observation just to show I saw it on stage at the Donmar, dontchaknow.

And he once asked me the way to the toilet.



Stuart Peel said...

Lucky you, I'd love to see him on stage, that's where he's most at home I hear.

John Soanes said...

Sheen is, I'm increasingly thinking, like a letter-day John Hurt - terrifically chameleonic, but not averse to doing some less 'worthy' stuff (such as the new Underworld film). Great actor, good point about his omission.

Mark, does having met Jeremy Dyson, who Sheen portrayed onscreen in 'The League of Gents' Apocalypse', in any way compare? No? Oh, okay.


Stuart Peel said...

I think you'll find that Sheen used to go out with Kate Beckinsale who used to be in the Underworld films. So that might be why.

John Soanes said...

Ah, that would explain it - BUT FOR the fact that she isn't in the new film! I put it to you, Mr Peel, that your test-imony is nothing but a tiss-way of LIES!

Oh, hang on, she is, in a minor role. My mistake. I think I need a lie down.


David Turner said...

Sheen and Beckinsale were together for years and have a daughter.

They were in the original Underworld together and Kate went off with the director Len Wiseman.

Makes my life seem less complicated in comparison...

John Soanes said...

Appalled to admit that I'd completely forgotten Mr Sheen was in Underworld. Granted, I don't remember much else about the film either, but still…