Monday, July 06, 2009

I'm Glad They Spelled 'Professional' Correctly - This Is Not A Subject Which Benefits From Bringing Professionalism Into Doubt

Like many people with a letterbox, I've become accustomed to coming home to find myself dazzled by a shining sea of glossy junk mail - pizza menus, flyers for estate agents and repair firms, and party political newsletters and the like.

I've become kind of jaded to it really, so my immediate reaction is to ignore the stuff - the exact opposite of the hoped-for result, I'm sure - and it takes something quite startling to make me actually pay attention to unsolicited mail.

Which is why the flyer which you can see here (scanned in from the original, hence the scuffmark across the middle from my shoe) caught my attention when it arrived. I'm well aware that there's a market for this service, but ... well, I'd kind of hope that people would do a bit of research beyond waiting for a leaflet on the subject to come through the door.


The Factory said...

Does this imply that there are amateur services about, amounting some some bloke with a pen knife and a bloody handkerchief ?

John Soanes said...

Or a very strong vacuum cleaner?