Saturday, July 11, 2009

Shouldn't They Be On A Coach Trip To Gloucester Or Something?

When did it become cool for popular music artistes to be named like my grandmother and her friends?

I only hope they don't smell of Parma Violets and carry their handbags everywhere.


Jon Peacey said...

Why on earth would I want them here? ;)

John Soanes said...

Sorry Jon, bit if it's any consolation it was only a day trip I had in mind, just long enough for Nelly and Flo to get a cup of tea and some cake, and then back on the coach home.

Jon Peacey said...

If it's only a daytrip then they may also greatly enjoy throwing themselves down cliffs after various dairy products.

Then tea and cake will be made available to them when they come round in hospital- with all the other contestants! :)